The most important 2013 business intelligence trends

SAP Insider’s BI Conference appeared to be the great source for the best ideas in the field of business intelligence and its most important trends.

The whole conference took place in March 19-22 and appeared to be the most important meeting for the IT professionals, where they could discuss various problems in their field. The most creative individuals have visited it this time, so needless to say the event was really profitable.

The program content

There were over 130 sessions, that totally covered the most wanted areas of the IT evolution. These were BI implementations and upgrades, SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects, Self-service BI, business analytics, date management and integration, reporting etc. There were even more sessions opened for BI 2013 attendants – like the Financials 2013, Admin & Infrastructure 2013 and GRC 2013.

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Latest trends in payment system applications development

Over the last 5 years VISA and MasterCard appeared to be the most popular payment systems all over the world. To make it all work the common standards were taken into consideration. They evolved for some time until they become the way we know them now.

The main reason for cards’ popularity was the increase of consumer spending in e-commerce and m-commerce. People were looking for payment options.

There are two main problems and needs in the field of mobile application development:

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
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Several secrets of mobile application usability

No one can now be surprised with the wireless connection. It’s even more popular today than the standard wired connection, since people tend to stay mobile and in touch with each other all day long. We can now share not only the data, but also are one step away from the full range voice telephony due to 4G technologies.

What are the current problems of mobile web programming?

First of all, they shall become rather quick, since no one wants to wait till the page loads. The current bandwidth has significantly improved compared to what it had been like. Still there are differences between wired and mobile application usability. Also the demands of current users had become rather high and hard to satisfy. It happened mostly due to the multimedia content shared through the mobile connection.

Each user is now free to choose which network to use: an old one or any kind of the new one. The time of usage is very well important too. Still the bandwidth in wired or wireless network doesn’t differ that much nowadays.

Due to various devices people use in order to get to the network, experts advise to make all portals in 4 different variations suitable for the following devices:

High bandwidth for large screen

  • High bandwidth for small screen
  • Low bandwidth for large screen
  • Low bandwidth for small screen

8 ways to test usability

1. Testing paper prototypes

The paper prototypes let you know just how information will look on the screen of the chosen mobile device without actually using the page… and the real screen. All you have is paper and the removable flexible sheet with data.

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eCommerce EXPO 2013 – What’s new in business application development?

All the professionals in the field of ecommercewebsoftwareare going to meet each other on 2-3 October 2013 at the famous and long awaited eCommerce EXPO! There you will get the rare opportunity to visit any of 50 sessions, each of those is totally FREE! 4 theatres will be head-to-toe dedicated to the event for two whole days. Think about it, 4 theatres working all day long in order to present for most popular and up-to-date ideas in the field of the eCommerce.

The tremendous insight will be reachable in the case-study led seminars, where you will get the picture of fully functional cases. No blind theory, just the bare practice.

Feel free to use the highlights from 2012 as a reference of that is waiting for us in 2013! By attending the great event, you confidently place your fingertip on the pulse of the effective modern online strategyas well as most tremendous secrets of business application development. This is the broad way to success for your business!

Feel free to come to eCommerce EXPO in case you’re eager to:

  • Find brand new industry leaders and suppliers with the key position on the market;
  • Discover the most important secrets of your industry through the course of effective education. By the way, it’s absolutely free!
  • Consider the new approach in the field of eCommerce.
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9 best trends for Enterprise mobility!

Most of modern mobile app developers are trying to accommodate their IT stuff for needs of their customers. It’s possible through studying multiple reports in the given industry branch in order to define, what exactly people are waiting for.

Let’s go through up to date enterprise web solutions, which appeared to be in the TOP list.

Multi-device concept

People are no more satisfied with just one or two devices at once. They cannot just go with phone or player or whatever. The basic IT kit of the ordinary person is tablet, laptop (or even the whole desktop), phone and other devices. The main path of IT creators is to combine a many items in one as possible without actually losing the functionality of each single device.

No more MDM, go for MAM

Mobile device management is mostly out of use. Its place is solidly taken by the mobile application management. This approach allows to broaden the possible solutions in the mobile world as well as to get better capabilities there.

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The best trends offered by SaaS companies in 2013

The bright news from SaaS brought by Oracle, SAP and Salesforce.com are ready to be announced.SaaS generally means Software as a Service, so the SaaS solutions are naturally based on all kinds of software, which periodically undergo series of significant shifts. It’s time to have a close look at SaaS companies and their trends.


The SaaS market just cannot be discussed without covering the largest independent player of the field – the brilliant Salesforce.com.in order to succeed in the social collaboration, the company has to generate a handful of its own news on the regular basis. It currently obtains CRM, customer service as well as the software for the application development for SaaS companies. They might offer something brand new to their customers pretty soon.

We could see the same picture with Work.com and its application for employee performance management that was offered last year.

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What shall and what shall not be used in database development in 2013

Though the current databases need new solutions, the well-known RDBMS is still active and working. Still there are places and cases where it shall not be used for your own sake. Even the people who are really fond of Oracle, RAC or any other system of this kind shall reconsider their urge to use their favorite ways in the following cases.


Do not use Oracle Text. It’s not usually used even by the Oracle lovers, since this database extension doesn’t develop actively. The other ways database developers tend to use in Oracle are either too primitive or too complicated; both options offer the bad kind of results.

However you can easily use Autonomy, Apache Solr or Hibernate Search for your task. This way you will get fast and handy results.


If you work with ATG Commerce, try to avoid this action by all means. The reason for this option to be turned off most of the time is the great scalability – database developer just does not need that many recommendations for his work. This feature is not usually needed at all, since the tasks people solve are really various, so you just do not need recommendations based on someone else’s actions.

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5 things you need to know about the application security and mobile application development 2013

At the last months we can admire the release of multiple creations of mobile application developers, some of them brilliant, some of them useless. It’s time to find out which ones are worth being installed on your mobile device and which are ready to go to the trash bin.

The ultimate urge to create the fresh mobile application appeared to be the cause of the handful of drastic failures. A lot of mobile application developers created literally useless software no one actually needs, so the stores were chocking with applications quite soon. Most of companies were going to just get the rights on the new application without being interested in what it actually does or if it is or it is not helpful for the customers. The logical end was the libraries stuffed with applications, most of which had less than 100 downloads in total.

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What shall we wait in the field of enterprise content management in 2013?

Since the year 2013 has just begun, it’s the right time to take a glimpse into the future and analyze what is coming.

Any clouds in ERP?

We wait for the product lines of Microsoft’s Dynamics ERP to get more options in the field of the cloud deployment. The same situation is forecasted for the users of Epicor and Infor production.  On the other hand the well-known Kenandy or Plex are already specializing on cloud-based ERP.

Still the more advantageous situation is seen within Oracle and SAP territory, where they use their own modules of clouds for a while already.

Some more words about ERP: according to the last news it reformed the current image from CRM software vendors we’re all familiar with into the player based on the full-blown platform. As a result they also had to move their applications to new categories. Still the time of the aggressive push is yet to come; meanwhile the company goes hand to hand with Infor and Workday in the field of enterprise content management.

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6 best programming trends you must not miss

Be aware of the best Java trends offered on the IT market

If you’re the programmer, no matter of your qualification and specialties of your business you must keep an eye on the newest programming sweets offered on the market. In the world of Java things are changing rapidly, so you shall always keep a close eye on what’s happening there. There is so much news concerning Java development that one day you way feel yourself the first grade pupil surrounded with things you have no idea about. That is why our primary goal is to enlighten the latest trends of Java.

Trend #1: JVM is no more for Java

People realize that VM can now be used with any language they feel comfortable with. Some of them create their own languages; still the best option is to concentrate on syntactic bells and structural whistles.

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