Best events for Ruby on Rails developers 2014

This year is rather rich on events made just for Ruby on Rails developers. The whole set of meetings will give them unique possibility to enlarge their experience and deepen their knowledge in various cases.

The nearest one will start really soon – meaning 3d of April. That’s the date when the Ancient City Ruby 2014 starts. Iflexion Ruby on Rails developers are going to participate in this event.

Ancient City Ruby, 3-4 April 2014

Each year in April you get the opportunity to get more knowledge in the field of Ruby on Rails craft. A lot of worldwide known specialists come to the conference in order to exchange their opinions on the latest trends and work out the best policy to operate their favorite system.

The lectures of famous speakers will be combined with workshops, where you will get lured into discussions on various topics. A lot of questions are usually raised on these meetings.

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What’s new in Ruby in Rails?

The whole territory of the modern West Coast is well-known for the whole list of seminars with topics like computer Ruby on Rails programming and code-writing. Over 300 computer programmers are coming here regularly in order to get wiser about their specialties. The latest development format discussed there was Ruby in Rails.

The history of the whole program starts over 20 years ago. It’s now used on the popular sites like Twitter, Hulu and Groupon. Due to the growing community the conference took place on the great First Coast as the most attractive one. Usually these discussions took place in the California region.

The organizer of the conference appeared to be Jacksonville Beach computer development firm called Hashrocket. Its websites are primarily working on Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails – popular or not?

The popularity of Ruby on Rails is mostly due to its easiness in use. You do not have to dig through the incomprehensible features to get to your goal. Also most scripts are shared for free.

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What do developers await from Ruby on Rails?

The long awaited Ruby on Rails 4 comes with plenty of new stuff. Still the ideas themselves would have never been fully realized without the specialists in the IT field working for the good of Ruby on Rails development.

Here are just several of brand new features the product obtains:

  • A lot of warnings are fixed as well as the broken bills are mended properly. The unneeded code is also removed, so the program now works faster.
  • The new set of documental patches is now available.
  • The old-style insecure protection is now replaced with the brand new protected attributes gem.
  • The Active Record issues got completely new attention as the main part of open issues in Ruby.
  • New GitHub notifications are waiting to stream into your inbox.
  • The new line of documentation features along with new options in tickets and code is available.
  • The engines and Action Pack of Ruby feature the remarkable work done.
  • The guides are now converted from Textile to Markdown.
  • All possible bugs in codes, fronts, docs and issues are fixed.
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