Best events for Ruby on Rails developers 2014

This year is rather rich on events made just for Ruby on Rails developers. The whole set of meetings will give them unique possibility to enlarge their experience and deepen their knowledge in various cases.

The nearest one will start really soon – meaning 3d of April. That’s the date when the Ancient City Ruby 2014 starts. Iflexion Ruby on Rails developers are going to participate in this event.

Ancient City Ruby, 3-4 April 2014

Each year in April you get the opportunity to get more knowledge in the field of Ruby on Rails craft. A lot of worldwide known specialists come to the conference in order to exchange their opinions on the latest trends and work out the best policy to operate their favorite system.

The lectures of famous speakers will be combined with workshops, where you will get lured into discussions on various topics. A lot of questions are usually raised on these meetings.

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What’s new in Ruby in Rails?

The whole territory of the modern West Coast is well-known for the whole list of seminars with topics like computer Ruby on Rails programming and code-writing. Over 300 computer programmers are coming here regularly in order to get wiser about their specialties. The latest development format discussed there was Ruby in Rails.

The history of the whole program starts over 20 years ago. It’s now used on the popular sites like Twitter, Hulu and Groupon. Due to the growing community the conference took place on the great First Coast as the most attractive one. Usually these discussions took place in the California region.

The organizer of the conference appeared to be Jacksonville Beach computer development firm called Hashrocket. Its websites are primarily working on Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails – popular or not?

The popularity of Ruby on Rails is mostly due to its easiness in use. You do not have to dig through the incomprehensible features to get to your goal. Also most scripts are shared for free.

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What do developers await from Ruby on Rails?

The long awaited Ruby on Rails 4 comes with plenty of new stuff. Still the ideas themselves would have never been fully realized without the specialists in the IT field working for the good of Ruby on Rails development.

Here are just several of brand new features the product obtains:

  • A lot of warnings are fixed as well as the broken bills are mended properly. The unneeded code is also removed, so the program now works faster.
  • The new set of documental patches is now available.
  • The old-style insecure protection is now replaced with the brand new protected attributes gem.
  • The Active Record issues got completely new attention as the main part of open issues in Ruby.
  • New GitHub notifications are waiting to stream into your inbox.
  • The new line of documentation features along with new options in tickets and code is available.
  • The engines and Action Pack of Ruby feature the remarkable work done.
  • The guides are now converted from Textile to Markdown.
  • All possible bugs in codes, fronts, docs and issues are fixed.
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The future of Ruby on Rails programming

The future of Ruby on Rails language is rather clear now. This language is one of the most developed in the IT field, which is why a lot of online applications are created with its help. Various developers tend to use this particular language for creating their programs, this is rather comfortable as the popular language is well known by the different developers and they can pass the programs to each other to upgrade or make some valuable changes.

The language has the simple syntax, which is why it’s not too hard to learn and use it. The awesome amount of tutorials helps greatly as well. The online developers consider the language to be rather handy to use, mostly for the ability to include the small ready parts of the code. With this even the experienced developer feels like saving a lot of time, while the beginner gets this option as a true salvation as now he doesn’t have to write all the code on his own.

There are regular updates in the software as the future of Ruby on Rails programming, which is why the developers appreciate dealing with this new application.

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The apps will go faster with Ruby in Rails 3.1

The brand new jQuery support is now offered to the Ruby on Rails programmers as well as the other developers.
The new support of jQuery is offered by the latest version of Ruby on Rails. There will be significant support of the other goodies too.

The new version of popular Ruby on Rails was offered in the frameworks of open-source applications created by David Heinemeier. The list of new features was added there, so the page rendering will speed up significantly.

The Ruby on Rails programmers can see the Sprockets technology that is quite new to this software as is meant to speed up the execution of JavaScript. All the functions of the current applications are now combined in a single file. That allows quickening the work for developers, as the time of the application response will shorten.

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Ruby on rails development team comments the final release of the Rails 3.0.7

The most savored news nowadays is that Rails version 3.0.7 was finally offered to the authority. Ruby on rails development team gave the throughout characteristic to the updates of the platform for Ruby on Rails 3.0.7 web application.

The main course of the release itself is to make the necessary fixing in the regression of the performance in ActiveRecord. That was the main disadvantage of the previous 3.0.6 version.

The following changes have been introduced: for the well known TL;DR made for the commits, the CHANGELOG entries appeared in the project.

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The specialties of Ruby on rails web programming for the Ruby on Rails 3 addition

If you’re going to start your work with this program, you can barely do it without the complete understanding of the application architecture, which is performed by Model–View–Controller.

Ruby applications architecture

Let’s check each of the items closely. The Models are usually dealing with the data storage as well as all kinds of business logic. Views section performs all the actions with the active layers, while the Controllers are responsible for cooperation of the Models and Views. To keep it all simple, let’s say that Views is the part for your HTML code generation, Models deal with your database and Controllers link both these parts for the successful work. Due to the controllers the user gets a set of options to choose what to do out of the processor possibilities.

According to the ruby on rails programming point of view, the Actions are basically the parts of any controller. Any Action itself is a small discrete set of the functionality. In other words the moment you choose your application, Rails chooses the right Action to perform according to your request. With it you can easily make the well-structured and clean code that will have as few bugs as it’s actually possible.

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The review of the Ruby on Rails application security

As we go on analyzing the new version of the well known Ruby in Rails, let’s pay the close attention to the security basis of the units. The fresh feature of the Rails 3 that draws all the attention is the XSS protection. While it has been the additional application before, nowadays it goes as a default one. The first use of this application was within Rails 2; still there the h method was used for application security.

<%= h @comment.text %>

The nature of the h method lies in the total escape from both html and JavaScript.  This way you can be sure no client-side code in any Ruby on Rails application was executed. Though this method is really effective one, still it has a huge disadvantage. The thing is that you must not forget to use the h method each time the user input appears on your screen. If you do not do it even one single time, you will appear to be opened for the extensive XSS attack.

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The features of the modern Ror development

One of the common features of the Ruby on Rails application is this considerable focus in the business field. It’s more significant then any other stuff like techniques and everything that goes behind the scene.

Some developers give the following explanation: when the user works with the email functionality, he has to get the defined mail from the app.

If the Rail gem named Devise is used, the authentic solution will run easily, enabling the user to perform logging in and out as well as making registration, retrieving the forgotten passwords or resetting them etc. He can also lock or unlock the account according to the level or the application security. In this case several attempts for logging in will be provided.

Gems give the extensive possibilities in working with the Ruby on Rails application. Everything here is made up to standards, including the design patterns and unique links when the user deals with the password. The example of the system work is the choice of the username or email in case no first name is mentioned in the email. That’s what is called the business logic in the Ror application.

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Dig into the details of the Ruby on rails programming

There is one of the considerable advantages of the program; we’re talking about the rubygems. If you’ve been using the Ruby on Rails for a while, you could have noticed the special rubygems for the Iflexion Ruby developers of all kinds. In other words if the problem is common, some other developer might have solved it already, and all you need to do is to find their solution and use it in a full way.

So if you’re creating some code for a general use, meaning you’ve done it several times already for the other applications, stop and think for a moment if this code could be inserted into a gem, so the other users might get some profit from it too. This way there more and more gems available for the wide range usage every day. This kind of Ruby on rails programming not only helps to widen the gems library, but also makes you think about the proper code form. Many users admit the moment they decide to put the code into the gem they revise it and at the end they get much more simple and neat variant with the same meaning. Also when it comes the time for you to use the code once again, it appears to be already testes multiple times and sometimes even updated to a better code you’re free to use.

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