Single-page Web apps vs Web sites?

Remember time when you had to download the whole website in order to search through the needed information? You had to dig through the whole mass of data in order to get what you really need. That was bearable when you work on PC, but became totally inappropriate the time you appeared to be working on any mobile device.

The reason is that the connection is unfortunately not as fast as on local PC. Moreover you have the limited screen and cannot accept there all the information at once.That is when the single page web applications appeared to be far more popular than full size websites.

Specialties of single-page web apps

Web app developers composed the front end to any content database. While website programming offers you to deal with all data at once, single-page applications let you pull the needed piece of data right into your hands without losing any time.

Iflexion application developers point out the ability to pour delivered information into the local mold to work offline. No delays due to the bad connection. No data overflow in a small screen. The data layer became totally separate and lets you avoid the uncomfortable turmoil most of application stored provide.

You basically the highly-responsive website page that works like the real application.

Web app or web site?

Application developers still tend to argue about the question where the classic website ends and the application begins. These two IT features appeared to be in a tight link, so it’s hard to define each one and separate one from another.

Why it’s so important to tile web application from website? Do modern marketing strategies declare t have apps not sites? What is the main difference here for the user?

The main difference is the installable software.

With the ware installed you can operate a lot of things right through your mobile device, you keep your checkmarks and a lot of customization features; you can get everything falling into the field of your interest automatically downloaded. The interactivity of application is far much higher than of the website.

What shall we create?

Some developers insist on using websites since the brans new HTML5 offers a lot of opportunities in order to get the best from website design and programming.

On the other hand the newest applications do just what mobile web browsers do, however they do it much faster and better. With this in mind it’s rather hard to imagine why someone would use the old-fashioned browser instead of using the modern handy application offering the same options while saving person’s time an efforts.

As Stephen Pinches says, there shall not be the defined concentration on what the program is: an app or the site. He points out that the meaning of “desktop” and “mobile” are not even close to the simple meaning of good design, which is user-centered. The perfect adaptation along with ability to respond to the size of your screen is what will define the popularity of solution offered.

“The most important nowadays is the ability to satisfy the user and save his time”, he says.

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