Developing Social Networking Software for Banking

Why our banks are so interested in social media? The main reason is that media appear to be the source of bank’s popularity. They can easily get it to the top or bring down in weeks. However the problem stands in all its glory especially for huge and well known banks a lot of people tend to use. Every day they work with a lot of clients and have thousands of deals made. On the other hand they have a lot of employees which are usually not 100% satisfied with their work. This means any of them can deliver in the net their dissatisfaction about the bank he works for. And we even do not mean employees who got fired or got their salary lowered.

That’s why a lot of banks turned their attention to social networking software solutions.

Let’s see, which trends are the most popular.

Ecommerce software development

It’s really important or any bank to meet people’s needs. If people want to get access to their account through mobile phone or any other digital equipment, these options must be offered. Otherwise your clients won’t be yours anymore.

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Brand new social networking software

Neo4j, Cassandra, and FluidDBoffer the brand new set of databases for social networks

Social network if one of the best things to be found in the net. With its help you can easily fix the links and attitudes between various persons including your friends and people you only want to get to know about. The social life appears to be rather transparent with these networks.

Still if you’re searching for some specific information, the graph databases will be really handy, since with their help you can definitely how many of your friends’ friends’ friends are allergic for milk.

Still the simple graph database cannot give all the answers. Schema-free relational databases are simpler and might be better for social networking software developers for getting quick answers.


This database is created by Java and can successfully link to Python and Ruby. You look for the answer by creating the traversal object streaming along the relationship lines between the nodes until it finds what you’ve been looking for. Its best ability is to run the repeated actions in the network. It stored all new nodes to the disk, so even in case of power failure you will lose no data.

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Four main myths about enterprise document management

Myth #1: It’s all about being social.

Social doesn’t mean being a friend to everybody and spending all the time in social networks. This is not this type of “Social” after all.
Now all the vendors have clear understanding about how the social software development actually works. A lot of them tend to recreate Facebook or Twitter; they try to promote themselves without even the clear thought of the strategy. And sure thing no one takes some time to step back and consider what this kind of enterprise really needs.

The main focus shall still be on business activities. Do not concentrate on networks only, you’re here to earn money, not to chat.

Myth #2: You waste your time with social media.

And again social software development can bring you the significant profit. Let’s look at this as on the meetings where not everyone is invited. Most employees are sure meetings take their time and nothing more. The reason for it is that the leader is rather weak and can’t offer the valuable data in a clear form. Another problem is that the leader is not a good organizer.
If you’re having a nicely structured conversation, people will listen to you. That is what happens actually with social media. This way you will save your time and will not interfere in the working process.

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New social software for publishing

No matter if you’re product company or just some new consumer, the brand new media publisher with a modern author to introduce or even the global agency financed by the government, you will take your time building the certain online interactions. In other word you will become the social publisher in order to get your success and steady audience.

Media content distribution allows you to respond to the main market changes in almost no time. The modern social software will impose possible technical barriers to the newest products’ introduction. Content management allows you to deliver the most actual information to the users and customers. The program is known as TCO for the shorten version of Open Source Social Publishing.

Three main approaches were fixed after the long period of experimentation, where a lot of technological options were involved. These appeared to be:

–          proprietary products (including license charges, fees and other pricings);

–          platforms known as “white labeled” ones (the outsource is decided by the organization);

–          the open source.

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New horizons for social CRM developer

The author of the famous book dedicated to CRM turns to all social application developers.

“A philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes and social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment. It’s the company’s response to the customer’s ownership of the conversation.”

That is what Paul Greenberg states, and the main definition still goes about the manifestation of the CRM idea in your business. It’s generally not the form of technology but the real solution that can go had to hand with your business in a form of social software application. Here the customized approach is generally offered, so you are free to choose the way of how to interact with the customers. The ways of how the various types of business work are not the same. Sometimes one business can appear to be the competitor to another.

Small business and CRM: Smaller, Faster and Better.

According to the main SCRM scenario, the conversation plays the main role. Here are the main types of conversations like one-to-many (the clear examples can be found in social web applications like Facebook), one-to-one-to-many (the talk occurs between two main persons, still the conversation is seen by the others), and finally one-to-one (usually starts as the public discussion, but fazes to the private site or channel). The conversation might be started by anyone, the customer, the user, the businessman etc.

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How to coordinate the menus in the social networking software to make them simple

Most of the social software developers try to figure out the best way to raise the functionality of the network. They go on discussing it in the topics of their website. We can name a lot of techniques of how to offer the web to the readers in better and safer way.

Some part of the society doesn’t use the web in all the ways, so the social software developers try to figure out how to make this surrounding more user-friendly.

The steps taken by the government in order to regulate the internet sites didn’t appear to be successful. The establishments tend to be associated in a great way with education and the awareness of data. The functionality is the most important feature in the public services. The same goal is craved by the business sector so they try to rely mostly on traffic the website gives. The more the individual wants to return to the chosen site, the higher the usability is. This kind of functionality is appreciated by more then 74% of users. The beneficial image also plays its role.

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The basics of the social network software

The main purpose to get the social network is to be able to connect to different people online. They can be in the same room or in the other part of the world still the connection shall be normal and steady. With it you can get to know the people from the other countries and even the continents. The bare fact of interacting with people across the world is amazing itself; still with the help of the social network software the process will be even more exciting.

The best of the abilities in this matter is the option to send messages without revealing the personal information.

This helps to avoid the SPAM in your mailbox. If some of these letters got to your mailbox, use the powerful anti-SPAM filter to get rid of them in the future. Perhaps you will get some messages, but it will be much less of them. Your privacy will be kept on the high level.

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The features of the social network software created for enterprise

The basics of the social network software lie in the hype of the technology; it’s not limited by friends and personals only. The great opportunities are offered by the integration of the social network into the local enterprise. The main thing is still how to bring the most suitable expertise and where to put the resources in order to get more opportunities. For this you will have to review the background and the development process as well.

In the beginning of the history of the social network the features of the various sites were quite similar. In 2003 people didn’t have much to choose from. Three basic vendors looked really promising, as all of them offered the ability to contact the person you craved to get acquaintances with. The key function of the VisiblePath was to link people within the organization so most of the questions could be solved in no time. The similar application was created by the Boston Consulting Group, it has more to do with the clients. Spoke as the representative of the social networking software worked inside the enterprise as well, the feature of the “relationship strength” is mentioned there as well. The basic of it is the complex algorithm of the quantity of the interactions in the time unit. The opposite feature is the “degree of separation”.

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The main PHP (2.0) applications

The web is long ago a special turf for PHP. The libraries created on this language are available on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Facebook. Basically the entire Facebook is built with the help of custom PHP, development as it is one of the most popular languages in the IT sphere. So if you’re curious about the specialty of codebase there, be sure – its PHP (2.0) applications. The reason is because it is fast and reliable enough. The Toolpages are containing the latest open PHP SDK for the open source. The JavaScript SDK is offered for the mobile devices. Python SDK is used there as well. However the official support of the JAVA SDK stopped in February 2008, as the third party become available featured by the facebook-java-api. The curious fact is that the Social Network also contains some scenes created with the usage of PHP (2.0) applications.

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