SQL server 2014 – what’s new?

On April 1st we will see officially released milestone of Server SQL 2014. This is the huge step forward for all the database developers, who were waiting for this long time already. New opportunities for database programming are awaited. Also specialists from Iflexion consider the new tool to provide more benefits for database programming in general matters.
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The new release is mainly based on the current SQL Server 2012 which is used for 2 years already without any great malfunctions. The codename the tool was presented to the audience is “Hekaton”. The new feature is so called OLTP (online translation processing). This will enable the performance gain up to 30-times faster along w scalability improvements. These are run by AlwaysON technology offered by Windows Azure. According to this technology, databases will generally fail over to installations created by SQL Server, offering high level availability and improved recovery scenarios.

The new service was announced in October 2013, still the big-data solution appeared to be too complicated to be released those days. After all fixing and testing the brand new solution appeared to be based on Hadoof 2.2 platform and by that time it showed steady work due to the Apache YARN support. Stinger was also launched there and sped up by Apache Hive queries.

The best part of the new tool is however the popular hybrid scenario enabled by using the Windows Azure cloud. The new platform will run SQL Server 2014 based on Windows Azure Virtual Machine already on the 1st of April.  Here the SQL Server will also work as the additional support for the AlwaysON solution. The corporate vice president Quentin Clark, working in the fiend of data platform, assured specialists that a “turnkey solution” is now possible within perfect “a few minutes” plan.

On October the long awaited SQL Server Backup Service was released by Microsoft to work on Windows Azure. Still that was generally far from the end, since the new tool was already on the way. SQL Server Backup to Windows Azure Tool will be announced and offered on the market on 1st of April. It will appear to be great software support for all kinds of SQL older versions like SQL Server 2005 and onwards. This way all these servers will communicate perfectly with SQL Server Backup Service on Windows Azure.

The data will now be 5 times more compressed. The improvement is provided by in-memory column-store index technology created by SQL Server 2014. All solid-state drives will run faster paging due to the complex buffer support and extension.

The main focus for the engineering team was to make Server 100 times faster – or at least that’s what they said in their program announcement. All the architecture of the database management was rethought for this case in order to achieve more integration with Hekaton engine and interlace it with main activities of the program. The memory Hekaton provided was capable of running hundreds of processes at a time. That’s how all the difficulties should have been solved – by concentrating on data and putting everything else into memory.

The main architect for SQL ServerMike Zwilling described SQL Server to Channel9 as the new system designed to work with SQL Server workloads with easy tapping to add wide range of memory support.

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