Study the best website development trends 2014

In order to get yourself the modern and effective site you have to admit the definite changes take place in the IT world since 2013. This means some ways you tend to use might work no more, so you lose money and time.

To ease your site updates Iflexion team has gathered and carefully studied the latest trends in website development field before offering you the most important ones.

Let’s take a close look at the website development trends 2014.

Landing pages and single page sites

If you look at the usual site you most likely see the complicated structure with the main page containing the general information about the company, several pages with various services, also separate pages for blog, contacts, reviews etc.

This is what you won’t ever see in the landing page. Here all the information is given as shortly as possible. The site contains one single page only with all the data needed to invite the customer and draw his attention to offered services and/or goods.

It’s easily navigated and downloads in no time; it can be viewed in a short time period and contains only the needed content.

The scrollbar

Since people now tend to use mobile gear to look through the web, most sites just cannot fit into the screen of smartphone. That is why scrollbar is used more and more often.

So is the scrollbar good or bad for your site?

Some people tend to shorten the content on the main page in order to reduce scrolling process. Sometimes it’s done by reducing graphic elements and details. However this shall never affect the main menu, since people crave for easy and handy navigation.

So if you see your homepage will be scrolled – all you can do is encourage your visitors to scroll it all the way down! Provide some interesting additional information, try to keep their attention and go on with really good offers.

Interface getting flat

The user interface is now getting less detailed. This happens since the graphic options have reached their limits and their further exploration will only make site heavy and distractible for newcomers. That’s why most sites and even company logos tend to become less and less complicated.

You can see changes in logo of Google, Yandex, Dropbox and more. They get rid or volume, become flat and solid. That’s how it works with sited as well.

Fix your header bar!

Since most sites are now getting scrolled, it’ll be wise to keep the header bar fixed for the comfort of user. An easy navigation is the main key to the heart of your future client, so do not make him of her scroll up and down every moment they are looking for something.

The SIZE of type

If you still have 12 point text on your site, it’s the right time to change it. The resolution of the average mobile screen is increasing rapidly, so now the regular font is no more properly readable. If you don’t have a chance to increase the size of the text without ruining the design and usability, at lease do it with the header and the title. Once the title of the text is read, you gain a good chance for the customer to scroll down the article and enlarge the page for proper reading.

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