Latest Trends for 2012 in web application design. Part 1

It’s the best time not to upgrade your sites and give them the particularly new face. Although the new trends are usually appearing around the date of New Year, still you can see through the whole period the shift from the old fashion to the brand new features. The shift is mostly subtle during the year; most times it offers the new interpretation of the known trend. With the new trend you can successfully evolve as a designer, the modern modern Texas web design companies are looking for them all year long. There the trend is taken and getting evolved into the true miracle the users crave to observe.

Do not mistaken about it, not many people are able to create something magnificent from the given trend. Sometimes what we need in the next year isn’t even close to what we had in this one, so incorporation of the newest trends into your design might force you into great changes. Get yourself encouraged and dig into the very roots of the trend in order to involve then into your movement.

1. Oversized Logos/ Headers

The particularly oversized logos and headers will be the basic trend of 2012 in web design of applications. They are now not just the part of informational text, but also the leading feature of design. The header can not take all the size of the screen, still its important to leave the information on the page so the visitor shall only scroll down without using any more links. A lot of visitors just hate to click, so do not make them do it.

Main Idea: The site guests will remember the big header and recognize your site after a while.

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What’s new in ecommerce development in 2012?

Category: Ecommerce

Most people know the eCommerce had changed greatly in the past several years. There was over 13% growth in 2010 that was significant for that period, while the traditional retail grew no more then 3%. As we can see, the difference was quite visible.

The year 2010 was known for its great changes in the landscape of the Internet, mostly due to the growth of the social web networks. With all these changes the retailers kept looking for the new way of business implications, which is why more strict approach was demonstrated in the early 2011. The new feature appeared to be the multichannel retailing, including the use of social networks as well.

So, what shall we await from the ecommerce software?

Multichannel policy.

The modern retailers are going to view their customers rather close in order to let them see the retailers as well. The competitive environment full of on-demand resources pushes the retailers to offer more services like delivery and a lot more.

The Explosion of the Conversional Marketing.

Here the main goal of the ecommerce  development is to turn the shoppers into the real customers. This includes the Add-on feature allowing the users to buy easier and in less time.

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