Database Development: RethinkDB is a modern database for real time Web

Nowadays, almost all applications are asynchronous multi layer systems linked together via events scheme. One module of the system subscribes on events produced by another part. It’s regular Listener pattern. We have been designed and implemented a lot of applications in this way, but all of them are placed in the middle layer or UI side. It would be nice to have similar functionality on the data layer of persistent storage. Redis [http://redis.io/] as a Database Development system provides Listener approach out of the box. But Redis is in-memory key-value storage. It’s used rather as cache. There is RethinkDB database [https://www.rethinkdb.com/] supported Listener pattern and used as clustered document storage like MongoDB.


RethinkDB is open-source. There are installation packages available for all major platforms. On the other hand, it would be better to use docker container:

docker run -d -P –name rethink1 rethinkdb

Technically, the database is a set of tables. A table contains documents similar to MongoDB. JSON is used as representation of the nested structure of a document. There are 4 official drivers for RethinkDB: python, ruby, java and javascript for node.js. If you use other programming language, there are a lot of community-managed drivers based on JSON protocol.

RethinkDB has out of the box sharding and replication clustering. You can configure a cluster via Web UI administration console. Last one can be used for monitoring, as well.

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Developing Social Networking Software for Banking

Why our banks are so interested in social media? The main reason is that media appear to be the source of bank’s popularity. They can easily get it to the top or bring down in weeks. However the problem stands in all its glory especially for huge and well known banks a lot of people tend to use. Every day they work with a lot of clients and have thousands of deals made. On the other hand they have a lot of employees which are usually not 100% satisfied with their work. This means any of them can deliver in the net their dissatisfaction about the bank he works for. And we even do not mean employees who got fired or got their salary lowered.

That’s why a lot of banks turned their attention to social networking software solutions.

Let’s see, which trends are the most popular.

Ecommerce software development

It’s really important or any bank to meet people’s needs. If people want to get access to their account through mobile phone or any other digital equipment, these options must be offered. Otherwise your clients won’t be yours anymore.

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Freshest software trends 2014 – keep an eye on hot news!

Since 2014 has already knocked at our door and even kicked it wide open, it’s perfect time to take a look at the most popular and important trends this year has to offer.

Iflexion team has done its best to prepare the list of long awaited changes in IT world.

Let’s have a look at the short list:

  • Clouds get top popular
  • Data scientists go down
  • Big data and social data go up
  • Analytics of complex specialized systems are wanted along with agile business intelligence
  • Everyone goes for storytelling
  • All efforts get accumulated in mobile sector
  • Embedded business intelligence begins to emerge in attempt to put analytics in the path of everyday business activities.

Now it’s time for detailed information.

Hadoop and NoSQL

These systems are now completely linked one to another. You shall keep this in mind in order to take full range of IT advantages.

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Business Intelligence Solutions 2012

There are a lot of possible Business Intelligence solutions 2012 that are announced to the audience. Let’s get closer look at the most reliable self-service solutions used in various business fields in order to optimize their analysis and make the correct decision suitable for business. The latest solutions are built upon the HP’s infrastructure and can be successfully applied to Microsoft software as well as to the particular Microsoft SQL Server. You can feel free to use also Microsoft SharePoint which can get easily installed and successfully configured by any qualified IT specialist in the term of less then a full hour.

This year Business Intelligence solutions help to reduce the time the managers usually have to spend on operate the standard business solution. These programs are now easier in use and faster in work. They allow the managers to economy their time and keep all the important information together for the effective analysis.

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How to run an effective bi solution

The business potential can be literally unleashed by the correct business intelligence solution. Here is the list of four main things for you to avoid the pitfalls and create effective programs to meet your business needs completely.

Fix who is actually responsible for your bi solutions. If you want it to be successfully implemented, so that your business would be shared with responsibility and respect, take your time to create the definite demarcation of the areas. This way the investment decisions and priorities will be fixed, so that the technology will be used in the correct and checked way. The technical support provided by IT will offer the needed tech support as well as the required kind of implementation.

You might need to build BICC (BI Competence Center). Here the main BI solutions will be solved by IT and the local representatives of business, mostly company partners and stakeholders in line-of-business field.

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