SaaS: Trends in Cloud Development

Nowadays, there is no so huge hype around cloud computing as it was several years ago. On the other hand, cloud development is a robust part of IT industry with its own history and trends. For now, Software as a Service is not just about launching the code in the cloud and scale it in real time. Most Cloud users deploy code weekly or even daily, there are questions on Testing/QA processes, Production/Deployment workflows and more strong software security approaches. Elasticity of cloud structure the key factor to implement Big Data project in the cloud, as well as, storage, analytics and batch processing application. Large companies want more control on their Software as a Service solutions. They can build their own cloud infrastructure based on one of open source solutions. Small teams rather use well-known public clouds.

Cloud development principles

A lot of projects are moving to the cloud these days. Developers face a common set of challenges. There are basic principles to achieve the best results. Document architecture and deployment infrastructure. Designed solution should be highly cohesive and loosely coupled.

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The best trends offered by SaaS companies in 2013

The bright news from SaaS brought by Oracle, SAP and Salesforce.com are ready to be announced.SaaS generally means Software as a Service, so the SaaS solutions are naturally based on all kinds of software, which periodically undergo series of significant shifts. It’s time to have a close look at SaaS companies and their trends.


The SaaS market just cannot be discussed without covering the largest independent player of the field – the brilliant Salesforce.com.in order to succeed in the social collaboration, the company has to generate a handful of its own news on the regular basis. It currently obtains CRM, customer service as well as the software for the application development for SaaS companies. They might offer something brand new to their customers pretty soon.

We could see the same picture with Work.com and its application for employee performance management that was offered last year.

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Can SQL Server be counted as a BID for Business Intelligence Greatness?

In the term of the last months the main SQL Server got the whole set of brand new capabilities. According to the word of experts this doesn’t concern just the business intelligence inself.

One of the main features appeared to be the AlwaysOn, which now provides more significant capabilities within the infrastructure of the server. Such aspects as programmability, manageability, security and scalability are improved. The new components available in the new edition are made for analysis, integration and faster responding.

The query response within the In-Memory Column Store is also supported with the AlwaysOn system. According to the specialists’ point of view the new SQL is about 100 times faster than the previous one.

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The evolution of cloud and mobile application development

According to the hopes of Steve Jobs the owners of the iPhone will soon be able to get any needed application with the help of the browser built in their device. Still soon after it Apple offered the wide range of opportunities available in the iTunes App Store.

Since this time most of the sites, even the old ones, offered the transfer of their data to any mobile device the user might opt for. The native applications became more popular than transfer to some mobile browser. Though the HTML5 was significantly improved, a lot of users consider mobile application development not to meet the particular needs of the modern SmartPhones and tablets.

The definite evolution of the mobile devices is needed. As we remember, the first web application was much like browser with its opportunity to output the mainframe. Still the logic of the applications transferred from the mainframe to the basic output on HTML. Same shift was visible in the mobile applications too. The desktop browsers will treat the information the way the modern apps in mobile gadgets application development do, as both types of software will have the same logic.

The transition is important as well, as it goes right at the same time the other changes take place in the IT world. Basically it’s the tendency to move to the cloud computing. The logic of applications soon comes in its own private structure, while the PaaS offerings take their time to mature.

How to link your device to the cloud?

For effective mobile application development you will have to manage both migrations at the same time. This might appear to be not too easy. Luckily for us, the platform vendors offer the special tools to ease the transition process. Finally they will help to hybrid the applications completely.

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