The comparison of the PHP web programming with the other IT languages.

Category: PHP Development

We come to the thought about the PHP being the best language possible, still what can we say about the other languages here?


There’s no way you can count ASP as the real language. This is basically the Active Server Pages, where many languages are usually used. It’s used mostly on the base of the Microsoft platform. This puts the definite limits to it, so it’s available on the Win32 servers. There are several projects that are based on the ASP. This language is definitely slower and has fewer functions. Still if you’re common to some language, you can easily use the ASP. You can also get support from the IIS. Still most of the components are basic, so if you’re up to using something more complicated, opt for buying additional features.

PHP vs ColdFusion

Most people think PHP is faster then the other language. That is why it’s more suitable for complicated tasks and open to new ideas. Moreover it’s significantly more stable and reliable. The ColdFusion had better protection from errors as well as the options for search – however the specialists of the PHP web programming come to the thought the language shall not focus too mush on something like the search engine. The other benefit of the PHP is the ability to be performed no most of the platforms, while ColdFusion is available only on the list of basic ones like MacOS or Windows or some more. ColdFusion doesn’t require much knowledge, on the other hand the results available there are limited.

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