SQL server 2014 – what’s new?

On April 1st we will see officially released milestone of Server SQL 2014. This is the huge step forward for all the database developers, who were waiting for this long time already. New opportunities for database programming are awaited. Also specialists from Iflexion consider the new tool to provide more benefits for database programming in general matters.
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The new release is mainly based on the current SQL Server 2012 which is used for 2 years already without any great malfunctions. The codename the tool was presented to the audience is “Hekaton”. The new feature is so called OLTP (online translation processing). This will enable the performance gain up to 30-times faster along w scalability improvements. These are run by AlwaysON technology offered by Windows Azure. According to this technology, databases will generally fail over to installations created by SQL Server, offering high level availability and improved recovery scenarios.

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Can SQL Server be counted as a BID for Business Intelligence Greatness?

In the term of the last months the main SQL Server got the whole set of brand new capabilities. According to the word of experts this doesn’t concern just the business intelligence inself.

One of the main features appeared to be the AlwaysOn, which now provides more significant capabilities within the infrastructure of the server. Such aspects as programmability, manageability, security and scalability are improved. The new components available in the new edition are made for analysis, integration and faster responding.

The query response within the In-Memory Column Store is also supported with the AlwaysOn system. According to the specialists’ point of view the new SQL is about 100 times faster than the previous one.

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New databases for NoSQL applications

The database choice was particularly easy no more then three years ago. The people with a significant budget opted for Oracle. The fans of Microsoft run the installation of the SQL Server. The specialists with zero budget opted for MySQL. It was easy to choose between these three options.

Now the times have changed. The new projects appear faster then the users can actually comprehend what they’re dealing with. Most of the projects just do not follow the basic rules of safety thus offer practically no protection the Read more


How the other ways of MySQL development can be picked up.

Many people tend to use MySQL every day, thus they need the system to work effectively. Here we offer the basic survey over the various types of this program depending on the company that released it. The healthiest MySQL is believed to be in the hands of Oracle. Still this type od the program is not the open source, still the open source programs seem to be the most wanted and valuable. However Oracle never tried to deal with the open source, so the company most likely holds to its natural course.

So who can perform the really best of the best software of this kind?

We assume it might be any firm that has the possibility to do MySQL development. The hosting based on shared infrastructures is popular today, still the developers do not think about it too often. The users tend to choose the database that is really comfortable to use. With it we can define two mostly common features:
– MariaDB, that obtains most features of the MySQL;
– PostgreSQL, that is also a nice alternative.

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Database application security – comparison of the MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL

In the modern variety of the features offered by the databases the typical user may just get lost. As an example the popular Oracle has plenty of specialties and options, some of those are frequently used while the others might stay neglected. The feature that most users need in their daily business is the well-known ACID offering the set of compliant transactions. The best way is to choose the major functions like stored views, procedures or snapshots as well as table datatypes or transactions etc. As the Oracle, MySQL and Postgresql are the most frequently used programs, let’s discover the set of mostly used features in each of them.

It’s not a secret that every one of these databases has its own unique advantages and weak points. Learning the database programming, it’s important to keep in mind these features for the correct and effective work. Every database, even if we’re talking about the most reliable one, has some hidden troubles that not necessary fall into your eye from the first moment. Do not forget about the recent updates and patches the database obtains. Usually the open-source needs more attention then any code itself, so you will have to be much more patient here. The pressure of any community is much stronger then it usually is in the open-source area. Talking about the vendor can or some commercial space, the repair here is harder and much more expensive then the cost you will pay for the in-time fix.

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