.NET Development: ASP.NET Web API 2 to implement robust REST services

Microservices [http://martinfowler.com/articles/microservices.html] is a server side architecture positioned as one of the most cool technical trends in 2016. There is still a lot of hype around it in all platforms and programming languages ecosystems. A composition of light services, each one handles its own task, may be implemented and then integrated and configured to work together are usually done by the same tiny web framework. It looks like small tool for small tasks. E.g., there are flask written in python, sinatra in ruby or node.js, which itself has a lightweight architecture and interface in design. .NET Development as robust mature technology has its own libraries to support new trends in server side programming. There is ASP.NET Web API 2 [https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn448365(v=vs.118).aspx]. It’s a new standard toolset provided by Microsoft for .NET Development community.

 New standard

Web API is already shipped with modern version of Visual Studio. Besides, it’s available for installation via standard NuGet package management system. Generally, there are a lot of tools to implement HTTP service: raw HTTP handler, WCF, asmx. We have been using all of them for years. Web API is outstanding enough to call it the best both as a solution and development process as a whole.

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Application Development: Photon Multiplayer Game Platform

A lot of game development platforms and frameworks are widely used to speed up Application Development process and reduce costs. All this hype is mostly about mobile or presentation layer of the game. On the other hand, even medium game needs some community interaction and social network integration. Besides, majority of the most successful game projects are client-server solutions. Photon platform [https://www.exitgames.com] and its SDK’s may be used as server side solution.

Photon supports all major mobile and game frameworks: Unity3D, Android, iOS, Windows phone, Cocos2D, Unreal Engine, HTML5, Flash, etc. As a mature platform, Photon provides several products. All of them have free plans or licenses to try it as a solution and start Application Development.


Photon Realtime is the most useful Photon product. Technically it is game server as a service hosted in the Photon Cloud. So, you don’t need your own server machine. The cloud is distributed among several data centers around the world, to provide low latency. The solution is automatically scalable up to thousands of online players. There are 3 main activity we need for room-based multiplayer game, and Photon support all of them: Connect, Match and Play. It is possible to match together players from different sources (iOS, Google Play) with custom authentication or login via social network.

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.NET Development: Resharper as professional .NET standard

JetBrains team released new ReSharper 9 version [https://www.jetbrains.com/resharper] in December, 2014. It is a number one tool for any professional programmer in the .NET Development world. If you have not been using this amazing tool yet, you have a very straightforward way to boost your coding process. It can be improved in several times.

Visual Studio on steroids

Technically, ReSharper is a plugin for Visual Studio IDE. Generally, Visual Studio provides all needed tools and features out of the box. Everybody accepts that it is a professional IDE. Visual Studio supports full-stack software development process, has integration with databases, NuGet package manager, huge set of programming languages, compilers and platforms, both debugging and testing features, syntax highlighting and basic code navigation. Resharper is specific for .NET Development.

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Top 10 programming languages 2014

In order to match the current demands of modern programming, specialists of Iflexion decided to range the most popular programming languages so you will know which language to focus on. As a result we got TOP-10 languages in order of their popularity.

Paying maximum attention to the most craved ones, you will always stay competitive and wanted by employers all throughout the year.

Let’s take a closer look on the programming languages starting from the least popular ones.


The reason it appeared on the tenth place is that ASP.NET is not actually the programing language. It’s more like the great helper in creating dynamic web applications, frameworks and pages. Still due to its handiness .NET development became really popular nowadays and is definitely worth studying.

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Special features of SharePoint 2013

In order to support the ECM (enterprise content management) we decided to publish the new features accessible in SharePoint 2013.

Publishing site development through basic client program models

The users are now free to use CSOM (client object model) as well as Java script, Silverlight etc. All site components, elements and know behavior is still intact.

SharePoint application models for taxonomy and applications

Specialists are now free to write any kind of client code as well as server code in applications of SharePoint 2013. The user interface will still be totally functional.

Design, branding and authoring

The whole set of brand new features for .NET development are now accessible in SharePoint. They are considered for design, author, brand, site extension etc.

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What is better for web development: Windows ASP of Linux?

The web development can go on either of three popular platforms, each of those has its pros and cons. Let’s try and define which platform is more suitable for the ordinary user.

They are Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL (LAMP), or IIS/Windows server/Microsoft’s ASP.NET, or Sun Java J2EE.x. If you use the term ASP n this contest, you mean usually ASP.NET, but not the general ASP. Note these are similar yet not identical products.

For J2EE you will most likely need powerful servers going for a high price on the market. Not all users are ready to pay that much for their web development. Still this is a good alternative to the other languages.

The LAMP and ASP share the similar history parts. They both compete a lot starting from 2000 year. Each software has its own army of fans. In mot of the meetings both crowds tend to try and convince the other part about the pros of their choice. At this time they both look much like the commercial guys, while both programs are just too similar to make the definite choice. It’s more up to the private likings.

Comparing the LAMP and ASP.NET

ASP .NETI Iflexion company developers use for Windows or any of the Microsoft-savvy coder. There you will get the tools alike to other MS apps, you won’t need much time to learn web development either. Use drag&drop WYSIWYG, and the choice will be obvious due to the plethora of the IT language.

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ASP.NET Application development in MVC mode

MVC (Model-View-Controller) is the topic of the variety of introductions in the application security. Before the programmers decide to use the MVC, they shall evaluate the functions of their applications, as this kind of programming differs much from the traditional options. Development of the well known ASP.NET forms is really effective when used on the Microsoft platform. The natural technology offered there is the source of the rapid development. It’s really rich interface for the new ways of ASP. NET application development either.

It’s not hard for the developers to get the modern WYSIWYG interface with the wide range of facilities for life and coding. Some of the important issues are given apart here, so the general coding process is much simpler. The maintenance for performance and testability is broken out sometimes. As the alternative in the field of continuity was needed, the modern MVC model was created. It was the completely new type of development in the Web. As for the Application Security, it appeared to be rather significant there. Te abbreviation of MVC known shortly as Model-View-Controller, appeared to be really popular in the web. Now the business logic was separated from the interface of the user, interacting mostly with databases and services. As the modern ASP. NET application development states, the controller was meant to send the information to the model, which in its turn could display it correctly.

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Application security of .NET Framework 4

.Net Framework 4.0 is the latest example of the .Net development with the serious innovations in security field. There we can see the completely new policy known as Security Transparency. Now it’s the default mechanism.

So what Application Security does the Security Transparency policy offer? First of all it enables you to use the modern Security transparent code, which basically consists of three main parts:
– sandboxing
– permissions
– enforcement

Speaking about sandboxing we usually mean the creation of the isolated domain with the code to be treated in a form of fully trusted version. The other code will get the restricted permission to the sandbox. The code that was chosen to be opened to the sandbox is usually considered to be mostly transparent.  This way you won’t change it while the process of the .Net development.

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ASP.Net Development Framework 4.0 offers new changes

You can find a lot of outsource in the ASP.NET development lately. The team of the ASP.NET developers shall be aware of these specific features in case they work on this particular platform. The changes appeared to be in most of program sections including parallel computing, security systems, web, clients, communications etc. The best any ASP.NET programmer can do is to make the platform stable and all the codes of the offshore developers could work on it effectively. As we speak about the updates in performance, or about how to shorten the startup time, this is what the programs usually think about.

The ASP.NET developers are mostly concerned about the modern runtime languages and their possibilities. The main reason is that now the developers will get the rare opportunity to add the features of dynamic language into the existing languages.

This is the brand new feature in the current ASP.NET development.

Profiling and Interoperability:

Both of these features are perfectly suitable for working with modern frameworks. With them famous .Net Framework 4.0 will appear to be faster and easier in use then the previous version. Now the team will be able to evaluate and even run the monitoring of the domain performance. For this the utilization of the framework will be used. This feature is outstanding in the new version of the ASP.NET framework.

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Fresh update for the most talented asp net developers

The last conference with this question took place in Las Vegas over three weeks ago and got the name MIX 2011. This was the most wanted event among the all year conferences. There was really interesting content as well as announcements. One of those made on the very first day was the long awaited release of the ASP.NET MVC 3 Tools Update. The update itself wasn’t really a big one; still it was really great and useful. Many things were improved in the stated program.
The new application can be installed on top of the already existing original version. You won’t have to run the uninstall process in order to get the update. It will suite also for the asp net developers who do not have the original program, as the update can be installed freshly as well.

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