Content Management Strategies 2012 for content management developers

The famous conference known as Content Management Strategies/DITA North America 2013 is going to take place in April the next year. The Iflexion is going to take part there as well to offer the latest strategies of the modern market.

Here are some reasons for content management developers to attend the conference.
– You own a small budget and a small list of workers, yet you’ve got a lot of work to do;
– You wait for the significant productivity increase year after year;
– You’ve got really short schedules for development;
– Your team is going to work in the really agile surrounding;
– You have a lot of data to be translated multilingual;
– You’re ready to offer the minimal content from the dynamic resources to your customers;
– You want the content creators to be brought into the fold.

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How we can differ the Web Content Management from the Portal Content Management?

There are many companies nowadays who pay all their attention to improving their websites with the help of the definite system of the content management. The usage of the portal technologies is rather beneficial the portal vendors, so they try to make the integration of it with the main content. If we talk about the non-portal vendor, they tend to sell the products that are based on the traditional features of the content management. These can be creation of the pages, site management and much more.

May customers appear to be confused with the choice in web content management; the main reason of it is the total difference between the various systems. Here we will try to show the basic differences between the platforms and will show you the ways of choosing the right platform for the portal development.

Usually the systems of the portal are focused mainly on the delivery of the applications made in the integrated way. The content here is usually one single application. For example, let’s see how it goes in the intranet portal. Our main thoughts here are about how to provide the basic self-service access to the given resources and the system of the payroll. This system is created in order to allow users to run the update process with all the access to the given information in the web content management. The needed changes in the payroll can be also performed. Also the users will crave for display of the following content like the help or the policy. As we see, the main idea is to focus on the bare surface and perform the integration of those applications as well as to run some placeholders for the needed content.

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Four main myths about document management solutions for small business

During the last several years the usage of the electronic documents has rapidly increased. Yet not all the people know of their specifications. They tend to mix them up with the things like file management or the enterprise content management or anything else. So now we offer four main myths about the business application development.

Myth # 1: I do not need to have the document management system separated if I have Windows file management.

Thing is that Windows Explorer can only help you to manage the current files, still this is nothing more but the basic tool. You will not be able to store custom metadata or meet the requirements of your organization unless you have the special program. With it you will also get a lot of ways to do the daily operations, so you will be able to choose the most suitable one and economy your time. Moreover you will be free to create the links between the offered documents.

Myth # 2: Document management solutions are not for small business.

The reality is not even close to this statement. The small business companies also operate with money and resources, which is why they do need the ways to ease the routine paperwork and to search, punch and retrieve the current documents. All the companies have their own document management systems development which shall be mostly available by one single click.

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What advantages can the business portal development obtain for online business

The popularity of business portals is growing constantly as the people crave to expand their business to every spot on the Earth. The new information about the products is published by business owners, their prices and applications become accessible to the users and the popularity grows constantly.

The concept of B2C (business to customer) portal is rather popular today, as it can do the instant impact on the global business features, improving the effectiveness and rising the sales. More traffic is also the result of the portal existence. So let’s see what actually the B2C portal is and  how do Iflexion portal developers work with it?

What is so called B2C Portal?

This is the commercial platform where the e-commerce transactions among businesses take place.
Here you can easily exchange the product information and deliver them to the users, so they know where to buy or purchase your goods. This is also the place for the user to get the direct connection with the product sellers.

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The choice between the document management system and the portal

Most of the companies creating software tend to provide the Portal applications and the Document Management. In some cases both these features are mixed to provide the confident consolidated approach for the users obtaining the data. Usually the content store follows each and every portal product, still the management applications of the enterprise level content was never created yet. The Document Content Management provides Content Management applications. This is how they tend to obtain the capabilities that are rather Portal-like. However it has never been and will never be the real portal replacement.

The past years offered the basically clear process for the strategy of the implementation in the document management system. The best approach might be from the CMS side or from the position of the portal. The dependencies between the two types of technologies are rather strong; still we will try to define which technology appeared to be the first.

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The top world trends of portal deployment

Here we are ready to discuss the main trends of the web portals taken by the most significant companies of the world. Most of them were mentioned on the Global Benchmarking Meeting that took place recently and gathered the great crowd of specialists in this field.

The whole branch of the local Forum was dedicated to the Intranet portals, as most of the visitors had the intimate knowledge of the up-to-date trends in this field. They were doing their best to figure out where the trends were heading and how did they affect the work of the whole organization. To play this game they had to know the rules. Before reading this, keep in mind that the Forum itself was not meant to be the consultancy, so the consultants didn’t take part in it as well as the leading technical vendors. So you can be sure the information given here is clear and free from any advertisement notes of the company representatives.

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How the portal development shall be performed

Comparing the Enterprise and Web 2.0 we can see the same problems in both systems. Basically the content explosion was fueled by the significant new media. Our basic ability to find and create the brand new content as well as the chance to make it all organized and retrievable is the most valuable in the sea of the IT data.

Looking from the portal developer’s point of view, the user is mostly in need of the strong strategy for the effective search. The search engine shall be not the single component of the success. The users have to be skilled enough in tagging and storing the needed data, so that these actions could be performed in the proper way. The special rules and processes are present in all the stages, and this means the people should better follow them so that their actions are effective enough. If you’re talking about the intranet, the search appears to be the one part technology, both for the people and the process.

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The newest strategies for the e-portal development

The basis of the e-Media lays in the inter-company partnerships between the local content writers and the consumers of the goods and services. This way they are able to share online content in the full way, as well as the latest information about the processes in the inter-operable business for the media content management. The data sharing protocols based on the common grounds are also shared. Most of them have so called open standards, such as extensible markup language. The content distribution is the required part of the e-Media partnerships, along with the back-end fulfillment systems and integration of the applications.

The relationships in the company tend to have the dynamic nature. The content is usually put in the system and requires the special approach for catalogue and storage. The market of the media enables the staff to run the relevant content management. The list of special agreements state the quantity of the media and data available, they also fix the type of protocols that shall be used in the e-media for  appropriate e-portal development. All the quality standards, as well as the permission of the local media to be shared are defined there.

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How to perform the qualified portal integration

The content of this kind can easily be displayed by the WebSphere Portal. The portal obtains its own perfect system for the robust. It’s known as WCM, the content management system, an important part of the content management. However according to the surveys more then a half of all companies tend to have not only one but more systems and want all of them to be integrated in the portal. Here we offer the list of out-of-the-box solutions for the initial portal integration. With the help of them the content might get pulled from one system to another and still be displayed correctly.

Here we offer a few steps of the proper content management integration:
- Syndicated Feed Portlets. You can get the following system displayed the defined portlet. For example, the RSS or Atom feeds can be shown this way.
- Web content Integration. The items of the content get shipped in the form of data copies to the external systems of the portal. With the help of WCM you gain the perfect control over the content while the portal integration, with all the features of the formatting, personalization, workflow and much more.

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The key tips for the Web portal development

Usually the users tend to come to the IT specialists with a following question of the time when they shall change the content management system into the portal. It wasn’t hard to give the appropriate answer, as the basic features of the right time to use the portal were the need to surface different applications, to login, run the personalization of the experience etc. However it’s not easy to define it nowadays and it has a little to do with the new trends available. During the effective web portal development the main vendors have taken enough time to move to this spot. The following example is the considerable illustration of the process.

The system of the Interwoven’s Livesite enabled the users not just to look through the given static content, as the personalization appeared to be really significant and easy-to-use. It took really long time for the Iwov, still the result was awesome with its flexibility and other available additions.

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