The best trends offered by SaaS companies in 2013

The bright news from SaaS brought by Oracle, SAP and Salesforce.com are ready to be announced.SaaS generally means Software as a Service, so the SaaS solutions are naturally based on all kinds of software, which periodically undergo series of significant shifts. It’s time to have a close look at SaaS companies and their trends.


The SaaS market just cannot be discussed without covering the largest independent player of the field – the brilliant Salesforce.com.in order to succeed in the social collaboration, the company has to generate a handful of its own news on the regular basis. It currently obtains CRM, customer service as well as the software for the application development for SaaS companies. They might offer something brand new to their customers pretty soon.

We could see the same picture with Work.com and its application for employee performance management that was offered last year.


The company offers the significant quantity of solutions for SaaScompanies, still most of them will be accessible after the OpenWorld Conference in September. The model offered by SaaS is chosen by two of each three companies in the field; still we do not see the tremendous number of customer stories as the trend support.


The company took its time scooping up HCM (a.k.a. human capital management) through the help of Ariba and SuccessFactors vendors. Its supplier network is mostly cloud based, which makes it quite handy to operate. The same situation is with the enterprise resource planning, where more specialized application for SaaS companies comes to action. The analysts forecast for the SAP to proceed with the same course.


Here we can see the definite movement to SaaS solutions through the currently active Dynamic ERP lines of software. The company will most likely try to pursue customers that its products can cover all SaaS features from CRM to Office. Most parts of the company are involved in the progress, so the main strategy might work fine.


We can see the great attention paid to HCM vendors and financials of SaaS companies. Though the pressure is significant, and they have to go on performing the updates, still the current IPO is thought to be successful. The price of Workday makes it available to go on with mega-deals and stay on the equal level with SAP and Oracle.


It is really popular in small business sector, so this is the main sector the company works for. The newest version of QuickBook rolled in September is now used in over 100 countries. The cloud-based software for marketing known as Demand force makes it able to popularize other SaaS solutions.


This SaaScompany is ready to offer e-commerce web development modules along with subscription-based businesses and its new SaaS solutions. It got a lot of attention lately and might appear to be heading straight to IPO. The new rivals might challenge it as well as potential acquirers might get it courted.

Single sign-on for SaaS

Here we clearly see Okta, OneLogin and Ping Identity among other SaaS companies. The offered SaaS solution is the ability to access multiple applications at once through the same login. More IT environment gets oriented for SaaS, still this tendency leads to certain management problems.

Cloud ERP created for manufacturers

This ERP is rather well-known nowadays, due to definite closeness to SaaS. Still the market keeps growing, so vendors SaaS companies must conquer new verticals like manufacturing etc. Some companies have already focused their attention on the case, among them are Plex Systems, NetSuiteand Kenandy.

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